Consultative – 45 minutes (Follow-up ONLY)



If you thought thirty minutes of visibility with Paul Greenberg, notable author, influencer in his own mind and New York Yankees fan was hot…this is 50 percent better – or worse, depending on your worldview. .  This 45 minute slot is designed mostly for companies that aren’t new to Greenberg a.k.a. me as an analyst in the customer-facing world. This can be a followup call or something that both Greenberg and you – whoever you may be – a.k.a. the recently met or known entity, have decided to pursue. Note though, same as the 30 minute call,  you have to be approved through your note in Bookly (under the mentoring/consulting menu) as to why you want the 45 minutes and there is no guarantee of approval.  If you are approved then your time and date will be approved. Then you are free to demo your product, talk strategy, i.e. follow up, whatever you think is best – which should be in your note to me.



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