Rendu Mani Dosa – The Zoho Band

The bucket building, the man-made hill, the campus food, the open houses under the banyan tree, the dorms—a big part of what makes life at Zoho emotionally enriching are these smaller things you get so accustomed to the day you enter the Chennai HQ.

The little conference room on the Mezzanine floor is one such thing for all the musicians on the campus; to come and jam for hours and hours. That’s also where we formed this little band of ours. The main objective of RMD was to have fun, relax after work hours, and play some great music to the rest of the Zohoites every now and then. With some incredible support from everyone around, the band then turned into a cultural part of how we celebrate festivals on campus—one reason why we went with that picture as our cover photo.


What’s with that name though?

Like the many little things we mentioned above that make life at Zoho special, the Dosa (roughly translated to rice pancakes in the west) cooked from 2 am – 4 am in the midnight for our night shift employees are super famous too. The band would jam all night post work, pack up, and meet at the ground floor canteen for the Dosas before going back home.

That’s how we came up with the name. Rendu Mani Dosa, or the Dosa at 2 am. 🙂


What do we play?

The best part about musicians in India is that we play and enjoy almost everything from traditional Indian classical music, to jazz, to funk, and to metal. Most of us in the band are part of bands that play different genres outside the company. There’s a beautiful exchange of ideas and music sensibilities that happen throughout our jam sessions, which also explains why it usually goes till the Dosa serving time. 😀

For the competition though, here’s what we’re planning to play:

  1. Entharo (a traditional Indian classical song, backed by some funk/blues groove)
  2. A kind dedication to one of the biggest musicians to come out from India – A R Rahman. A medley of his songs.
  3. A Song about global harmony. (We’re trying to write something of our own, let’s see how that goes :D)


That’s all for now. See you all at the competition.

Stay safe. Have a great day!










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