PROS Corporate band is a reflection of diversity in culture, thought, beliefs and career development. Each one of the members works on providing an AI-powered commerce platform, that can dynamically price, personalize and sell your offerings to the people that matter most, when, where and how they want you to. AI is our day job, and we being our full selves to work.

Name Title Talent
Andrew Hamel Software Engineer Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Percussion
Michael Kumar Manager, Pre-Sales Engineering Guitar, Vocals
Tiffany Robertson Account Development Representative Vocals
Jana Jumper Trainer Vocals
Siara Barnes Training Administrator Vocals
David Mendez Senior Implementation Consultant Bass
Arturo Gorena Solution Sales Executive Drums
Candace DeMarque Trainer Vocals
Genesis Longo Product Marketing Specialist Vocals
Shane Smith Manager, Professional Services Vocals, Guitar, Keys, Drums
Brian Espinosa Senior Manager, Accounting Keys, Percussion
Marcela Pasten Senior Marketing Events Manager Band Manager

The PROFIT | PROS, Inc | 3200 Kirby Drive, Suite 600; Houston, TX 77098 | NYSE:PRO | Contact: Marcela Pasten | Phone: +1.713.335.5155

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