The BYOB 2020 Winners are:

Let’s get straight to it.

Best Band

First Place: Pegasystems The Layer Cakes

Second Place: Zoho RMD

Third Place: NexJ The Nudge

Best Video

First Place: Episerver/Optimizely The Epi Encores – The Winner Takes It all

Second Place: Zoho RMD – From Chennai with Love

Third Place:  Jane Blonde and the Goldfingers – Mashup Stayin’ Alive/The Wall

Best Song

First Place: Zoho RMD – Humma: An AR Rahmann Medley

Second Place: Pegasystems The Layer Cakes – Shut Up and Dance

Third Place: Pegasystems The Layer Cakes – Sweet Child O’ Mine


Find out what it took. Each of these ten bands has a story – and what makes it great is that it is a good one. The dark side means night time in their story – not their states of mind.  Find out which bands were formed just for this competition and are now permanent? Which band goes back to the 80s (sort of, kinda)?  Which band has a CMO who is also an accomplished professional mezzo soprano who has sung at Carnegie Hall. Which band is made up of people from four different countries who digitally came together for this? Which bands used drones?  All this and more in the CRM Playaz Behind the Music.

For Behind the Music, Playaz style come hither to this page, lads and lasses.


Want to  see and hear the music they played? Here you go. Each band, their three songs, their band page.  Which ones do you think should have won?


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