Engaged…With Paul Greenberg. Coming Soon to…Somewhere!!

After years in development (okay, months), thousand of feet of footage on the cutting room floor (none made the show – and my wife finally made me clean up the floor) and massive technological investment (that much is true), finally, in July (probably) Engaged…with Paul Greenberg comes to a digital screen near you – a room somewhere in your house to be exact.

What is it you ask? I’m still asking myself that so I can’t really tell you.  However, I will tell you it is nothing like the format that you are used to if you watch or listen to most podcasts or live streams.

Here it is briefly:

The Format

Think Late Night Talk Show rather than Host/interviewee. Multi-segmented (4 segments), interludes, giveaways, not only business topics.

The Theme

The theme that runs through this website runs through the show,  “The Science of Business, the Art of Life, and Live from New York…”

The first two segments – What’s Up, Who’s Up are business focused. “What’s Up” might as well be the probably unfunny monologue by me (that would be Paul Greenberg) talking about the events of the week, the top 5 tech vendors in an area, the CRM Watchlist Eyes Always On You, etc. for about 10 minutes.  The “Who’s Up?” segment is an interview with an industry person for some reason that seems to make sense that week – and if that person decides they want to use their last 5 or so minutes of the interview to play the guitar, do standup comedy or show family photos, hey, who are we to stop them?

We then move to the “Art of Life” part of the show.  The third segment “Which Way is Up” is anything at all EXCEPT business focused. We will be talking history, art, literature, social good, lifestyle (meaning food and alcohol), sports, humor, rantings) depending on the interest from you, the audience as conveyed to me – and my mood that day. You will be able to broadly tell both the category and my mood by the music (one of six possibilities) that introduces the segment – e.g. slightly angry hip hop means a rant about someone or something is coming; a Dave Brubeck style jazz riff with the intro video means we may be talking about whiskey, restaurants, travel or pets – lifestyle. You get idea.

The 4th Segment “Looking Up…From the Rabbit Hole is a mix of business and the personal. Gear reviews, home studios, computer gear etc and the whys for that – for business and personal interests.

Even better, there is a house band. 🙂‘s Jane Blonde & The Goldfingers. (you can see their music here or on YouTube) will be playing at the opening of each show. See, I told you it was different.

The Channels

Experimental. The initial channels that will be broadcast to are LinkedIn Live, Facebook Live, YouTube (as a channel – not a storage area), Twitter and…new one…Twitch. There will be corollary show related activity on Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces and, not kidding, Tiktok (that’s the scary one). Depending on how things go, Instagram and a few others are future possibilities.

We’re coming in July, though exactly when I can’t tell you yet. I thought we’d launch in May, then June and now, well…so, July.   I would love for you to subscribe to the YouTube channel so that I can unlock some of the mobile tools I need to build the channel a bit stronger and so I can notify you about the upcoming episodes.

Gettin’ ready for here I come…. See you with EWPG in July!!

CRM Playaz BYOB 2020 – The Votes are in! And the Winners are….

BYOB 2020 is now in the books. The first annual battle of the tech bands is over and while there was literally no easy winners – all ten bands showed extremely well – after thousands of popular votes and deep analysis and votes from the judges panel, the verdicts are in.

First…here are the ten bands who competed.  We strongly suggest that you click on the links and watch the videos that they entered and in the case of Pega’s Layer Cakes and’s Jane Blonde and the Goldfingers several additional music videos.   They are just off the charts.

But I know you are waiting for the results. And if you want to see them you have two choices. First choice – Watch the CRM Playaz Awards Show on the left.  Second choice click on the link below:

And the winners are….

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Statement of Purpose

This site has a dual purpose, really. One that is highly personal and one that is focused on the industry that I have served for several decades. Oddly, at least in my mind, they’ve merged enough to satisfy at least how I justify

There are a large number of sites devoted to CRM, customer experience, customer engagement, and the technologies, systems, strategies, etc. This site is devoted to all that – but the industry for the most part. For the past two decades I’ve been a part of the CRM industry and its been an honor and a pleasure beyond anything I could have imagined. Thus, I am pulling together as much of it as I can as I begin to exit the industry and am providing an aggregated locale – a place where you can read, hear, interact, sell and buy via multiple vehicles. Check out the menus to see the range. Ultimately, it’s a watering hole for those in the industry that want it to be. Vendors, practitioners, thought leaders, analysts, journalists and random travelers are all welcome. There is a blog, podcast, webinar, e-learning, community, marketplace and library to pick and choose from. It will evolve over time I hope to something more than just a place that I hang my hat because its meant to be that kind of place for anyone who wants it to.

I suppose that I could mask the personal stuff with some things that are for the good of the universe since I truly do care about the world and those in it. But this website’s other purpose is to allow me some free reign to publicly communicate about things other than CRM – that’s what the blog is for.

Culture, science, art, sports, humor, politics, literature, writing as an art and science – all things that I can’t do elsewhere and don’t get hired to do but ache to do all the time. It’s a place where my legacy – whatever it is – can be archived – CRM at the Speed of Light, The CRM Playaz I love doing with Brent Leary, teaching, all the videos, documents, past podcasts, etc that I’ve done over the years. It’s a place where I can exercise my creative chops and hopefully someone will be willing to read, listen, and respond to what I broadcast in whatever format. These are avenues for how I want to continue on with my life and whatever of that I’m willing to make public, will be here.

What I’d like to do if this site has any chops at all, is to provide this as a venue for others – within the purpose of the site of course. What that means, if others want to write, or they want to sell their services, or they want to provide material (attributed to them, stored and presented on their behalf) to the library, they can. If you want to do a webinar, you can. I’ll have to approve it of course, no hiding that, but this site is also meant as a personal and professional thank you for all the years you have been good to me.

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